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‘Jumanji’ Star Tibeto-Burman language Gillan Reveals the ‘Avengers’ Scene She jury-rigged

The actor, who has become an action movie go-to, also weighs in on Martha’s journey in ‘Next Level’ and reading the script for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’: «I think it’s the best of the trilogy.»
Karen Gillan never planned on becoming an action star, but based on the skill she’s shown in her recent work, it’s easy to think otherwise. With Jumanji: The Next Level, the title is quite fitting for Gillan’s Martha character as she’s evolved into a confident leader as a result of winning Jumanji already and going away to college. Gillan, as the Ruby Roundhouse avatar, has also upped the ante in terms of her action sequences.

“We had the team from Mission: Impossible [stunt coordinator, second unit director Wade Eastwood] come on to the movie,” Gillan tells The Hollywood Reporter. “I’m not sure I was quite Tom Cruise level, but I did the whole nunchuck fight for sure. I had nunchucks on me on set every day so that I could practice in between other scenes. I’m pretty sure a few people got hurt in my practicing process. (Laughs.) I did the whole thing by the end.”

Eight months removed from her significant role as Nebula in the biggest film of all time, Avengers: Endgame, Gillan is finally able to open up about the experience of working closely with Robert Downey Jr. as well as the complicated process of playing two different Nebulas. Despite cutting her teeth on the beloved time travel series Doctor Who, even Gillan needed a primer for Endgame’s time travel shenanigans, noting it was confounding, especially since she didn’t have the full script.

“The way we differentiated them was by calling them ‘good Nebula’ and ‘bad Nebula,’” Gillan recalls. “I had a lot of time travel questions coming from a time travel background. The directors really kept me on track. I just found out whatever I needed to know for each scene.”

She also reveals who prevailed in an early scene in which Nebula and Downey’s Tony Stark play paper football.

“Well, I think it was me because that scene was improvised. And I won,” Gillan says with a laugh.

In a recent conversation with THR, Gillan also discusses the latest on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Marvel’s What If…? and how Nebula’s makeup and prosthetics inform her performance.

Since the avatars wore the same wardrobe for the entirety of the first movie and half of the second movie, were you and the rest of the cast thrilled to finally change your avatars’ wardrobe?

I certainly was because we went into some very cold conditions, and I was like, “I’m not going to be wearing that in the cold conditions, am I?” And they were like, “No, we’re going to get you a whole new outfit.” I think everyone was excited to change it up a little bit and evolve the look of the characters.

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Growing up, when you envisioned your career, was being an action star remotely part of the plan?

(Laughs.) Not at all. That sounds so absurd even hearing you say that. No, I grew up in Scotland in the middle of nowhere, studying Greek tragedy. (Laughs.) I aimed for stage, film and television, but even that sounded crazy and far-fetched. Never did I imagine that I would be learning how to use nunchucks.

Your American accent seems pretty dialed in at this point. Do you still need a dialect coach, or do you have it down by now?

For general American, I don’t use a dialect coach anymore, but it depends on where the character is from. If it’s anything except general American, I will still use a dialect coach, and I really like doing that. Sometimes, it’s not even about the accent. It’ll just be: what period are we in, or what is the intonation or rhythm. So, I still like to work on that, but for the general American, modern-day girl, I don’t do that anymore.

It’s well established how good you are at impressions. So, as I was watching the film, I kept wondering what your Danny DeVito or Danny Glover would be like. Did you give director Jake Kasdan a little bit of a hard time about this?

I was a little jealous that I didn’t get to play around… I was and I wasn’t because I do love my character — and I do feel like I’m playing a character. I’m getting to put on an accent and play a teenager. She’s evolved so much from the last film; I did feel like it was something new for me because she was so shy in the last film. She started to access her confidence, but in this film, she has to become the leader of the whole team, essentially. She steps into the Spencer role a little. That was enough of an evolution to keep me satisfied as an actor. So, I was really excited to dive into all of that.

Did you at least do your own versions of DeVito and Glover in between takes?

(Laughs.) I didn’t, but I’ve been doing it a lot on this press tour. I don’t know why.

In the Jumanji berry scene with you and Jack (Black), Martha and Fridge briefly switch avatars. Did you enjoy playing someone different as fleeting as it was?

Yes, that was so much fun. I was so glad that I did get to play around with the character switching a little bit. I can safely say that’s the one and only time I’ll ever get cast as that type of role. (Laughs.) So, I relished the opportunity.

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En esta lujosa y millonaria zona residencial en España vivía Emilio Lozoya

“La Zagaleta“, es el fraccionamiento de super lujo de España en donde fue detenido Emilio Lozoya, exdirector de Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex).

Está ubicada a 20 kilómetros de Marbella, en la Costa del Sol, paraíso del turismo europeo.

Setareh Mohregi, empleada de empresa inmobiliaria, comentó: “La Zagaleta se considera la urbanización más exclusiva a nivel europeo y me puedo atrever a decir que a nivel mundial”.

Tiene vista ya sea al Mar Mediterráneo, a las costas africanas o alguno de sus dos campos de golf de 18 hoyos.

Cuenta con una casa club y un club hípico, y atención personalizada de 100 empleados.

Setareh Mohregi, empleada de empresa inmobiliaria, señaló: “El cliente que quiere La Zagaleta busca la privacidad y quiere pasar desapercibido”.

La Zagaleta es inaccesible para cualquier visitante.

De acuerdo con un video publicitario, el propio fraccionamiento selecciona a los supermillonarios que viven ahí.

Setareh Mohregi, empleada de empresa inmobiliaria, dijo: “Hay villas que pueden empezar por los 3 millones 900 mil euros con una parcela, en torno de 5 mil y unos 600 metros cuadrados de casa hasta la de 32 millones de euros que tiene 14 mil metros cuadrados de parcela y unos 3 mil 800 de casa”.

Sus 240 mansiones disponen de 900 hectáreas de terreno.

Los nombres de los propietarios permanecen anónimos.

Setareh Mohregieri, empleada de la empresa inmobiliaria, indicó: “alberga 420 villas en total, de las cuales están ya construidas 240”.

El diario “El País” lo define como el vecindario más exclusivo de España, donde viven empresarios, futbolistas y multimillonarios de Silicon Valley.

No se sabe en cuál de sus villas se alojaba el exdirector de Pemex, Emilio Lozoya, antes de ser detenido.

Fuente: Noticieros Televisa

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Kansas City son los Jefes del Super Bowl LIV

Los Jefes de Kansas City son los campeones del Super Bowl LIV al vencer por marcador de 31-20 a los 49ers de San Francisco en un partido donde los pupilos de Andy Reid se repusieron en el último cuarto de una desventaja de 10 puntos.

La defensiva de San Francisco impuso condiciones en los primeros tres cuartos del partido, incluso Mahomes fue interceptado en el inicio del último cuarto, sin embargo, los de San Francisco se desmoronaron y recibieron 21 puntos sin respuesta en los últimos seis minutos de partido.

De tal modo, los Jefes llevarán a sus vitrinas el segundo trofeo Vince Lombardi de su historia, mientras que San Francisco fracasó en el intento de alcanzar a Nueva Inglaterra y Pittsburgh, las franquicias más ganadoras de la liga.

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How DPs over ‘Joker,’ ‘1917’ or More Took over Weather in accordance with Capture Perfect Shot: «It’s Stressful, But Thrilling»

With each film offering up its own particular challenges, from high tides to a 73-foot telescopic crane for a single shot, the five Oscar-nominated cinematographers share their most difficult moments to capture onscreen.

  • In Martin Scorsese’s lengthy crime epic with the many technical feats, the director still managed to surprise cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto. The challenging scene he didn’t anticipate: a quick shot of Frank Sheeran (Robert De Niro) helping Jimmy Hoffa’s (Al Pacino) Teamsters push some taxis into the Chicago River. Scorsese’s vision for the scene required operating the camera from a crane that could fly over the action. «This was a big challenge, because [after] take one, now the taxis are in the water,» says Prieto. «What if something went wrong and now you have to do another take?» Turns out, the answer was they’d have to wait three hours while a crane on a barge reset each car before going again. «So really, we had one shot at it,» he says. Which is why, when the first taxi got stuck and barely made it into the water before the camera passed, Prieto kept going. «The camera move ended up being slower than Scorsese expected, but the struggle made it realistic,» he says.

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